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Cincinnati Proposes New Marijuana Expungement Law


Cincinnati Proposes New Marijuana Expungement Law

In 2006, the City of Cincinnati passed an ordinance to create harsher punishments for possession of small amounts or marijuana. Rather than a minor misdemeanor for possession of less than one hundred grams, the punishment was a misdemeanor of the fourth degree. The amount of arrests rose considerably, and the city repealed the ordinance in 2011 after realizing that the stiffer punishment did little to reduce violent crime in the city. The problem, however, is those charged with the enhanced charge continue to be affected by their criminal records.

A new law being proposed aims to reduce the hardship on those who were convicted under this repealed city ordinance. If it is passed, convictions based solely under the repealed ordinance will not be considered misdemeanor convictions.

This new law will help many become “eligible offenders” to have their records expunged. The time requirements for expunging will still apply, but for those who are able to have this marijuana misdemeanor conviction removed, it will open them up to many more opportunities for employment, housing, and education that previously was not available to them because of their inability to have their records expunged.

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